Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reading Mein Kampf in Cairo

My article in the Jerusalem Post can be found here. The Introduction to Mein Kampf is here.

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Anonymous said...

In the article it reads: "Hitler's popularity, according to Mohammad, had nothing to do with Hitler's "torturing the Jews or something," since Egyptians do not believe in the Holocaust..."

This quote shocked me. I do not find it surprising given the intensity of anti-Israeli propaganda outside the United States and Israel though. That it is nowadays legitimate to question if the Holocaust happened constitutes a defeat in the "information front" and a concerted effort should be made to re-educate people about historical facts. This should happen at a global level.

Hate is not rational. It can neither be explained nor articulated that way. If someone or a group of people hate another they will come up with the narrative that suits their feelings. In this case Mein Kampf works as a validator. Those who hate Israel and the United States read it because "the Jews" said not to do so, not because they are pro-Nazi...

The question is: what to do to end the underlying hatred that would motivate someone to take seriously the rantings of a psychopatic mass murderer ?

Miguel Angel
Stockholm, Sweden.