Saturday, September 15, 2007

DC Anti-War Protest, September 15, 2007

These are some pictures from the anti-war protest (and counter protest) in Washington DC on September 15, 2007. As usual, all sorts came out of the word-work for this one.

Many of the counter-protesters were veterans. Despite heated arguments, the two groups never came to blows (not that I saw, anyways).

The most popular chant was, "This is what democracy looks like!" Did that include all those protesters wearing masks? Some of those wearing masks were chanting 'jihad, jihad' at one point (see below, 16 seconds remaining). I'm not sure why they were chanting this - maybe it's some sort of new 'Hamas-chic?' What is clear is that even though many of the protesters might have had something valid to say and were serious about it, they were somewhat discredited by the large number of oddballs promoting all sorts of fringe issues - everything from veganism to the notion that Hillary Clinton and Obama are trying to outdo each other in a race to invade Iran (there was an effigy of Hillary with 'blood on her hands').

Chris McClure


Digital Fairy said...

great pix dude, wish i'd been there. did not kno about the rally till today.

Anonymous said...

I was there and I think the students were saying we were waging a Jihad on Iraq

ZanaWarrior said...

Yeah, the counter-protesters were so unified and organized that they managed to round-up 50 whole people to wear flag hats, accuse the protester of treason and repeat things they had heard on CNN the night before like, "The troop surge is working!" Inspiring.

Jody said...

"the counter-protesters were serious and unified"...

Take a look at this YouTube video to see a typical counter-protester.

MOR said...

Well, it's true - the most recent analysis shows that a switching to a diet free of animal based foods is more effective at combating climate change than driving a hybrid car.

And Hillary and Obama are clearly pro-war candidates.

The funniest thing I saw all day was a 'counter-demonstrator' holding a sign that said "Thank you Fox News for your journalistic integrity." I wonder how much she was paid to hold that!